Personal training

Do you wish to meet certain sport targets or to obtain a tighter and sportier body? Do you wish to cycle up a steep mountain, to race cars without complaints in the arm muscles or to start to run? Or maybe you just want to live your life again as a healthy, fit and balanced person?
Thanks to the sports guidance of an experienced sports physiotherapist we work together to achieve your targets.
During the individual training programme you receive tips and active lifestyle coaching so that you may continue your effort for a healthy lifestyle* and a balanced life.
Building up an active lifestyle is important for a healthy and balanced life.

So personal training exists not only for sportsmen with specific targets, but also for the athletes who are starting (again).
Whatever your sports targets may be, kine-coach helps you to realise them in a professional way.

“Thanks to kine-coach I not only feel better physically, but also mentally (H.M., 32 years, Tervuren)”

Below you will find an overview of the possibilities, among others:

  • Working out a training schedule for fitness development
  • Strength and core stability training (plyometric exercises, training with free dumbbells, closed chain exercises, specific focus on a zone of the body, such as abdominal and butt training, … )
  • Sports specific guidance and testing (expertise in the following sports: running, football, cycling, goalkeeper training, sailing, motorsport and golf)
  • Running guidance (as well start to run as training for a half marathon within a certain time limit)
  • Speed and endurance training
  • Cycling guidance – training to be able to climb the Mount Ventoux or the Galibier
  • Sports massage and mobilisations

Personal training is possible on an individual basis or in small groups, in our sports and physiotherapy cabinet. The training facility is equipped with the necessary material to train well in a pleasant environment. Personal training is of course also possible at your home or outside (the park of Tervuren, the arboretum, the fields).

For specific questions about nutrition and weight loss, we work together with Nathalie Antonis (

Don’t hesitate to meet us completely free of charge and without obligation.